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     Several people I know use Carpet Cleaning Tooting cleaning services so I got them to come and clean my carpet and I was so happy with the outcome that they now do a regular cleaning session for me once a week.
Hannah Davies19/05/2020
     Had a wonderful experience with you, guys! The cleaners worked very fast and efficiently, and were a joy to be around!
Peggy R.19/09/2019
     When I first contacted this company they responded quickly and showed up to get my home cleaning done surprisingly fast. Since I share my space with two other roommates things can get messy, but Carpet Cleaning Tooting made things easier for all of us.
James T.28/09/2016
     House cleaning had become almost impossible for me because of my busy schedule at work. I spend most of the day at work. When I come back home I have to cook and take care of the kids. That is why I decided to hire TootingCarpetCleaners to help me with the cleaning. The best decision I've ever made! They cleaned the mess in no time! I'm thinking of hiring them on a regular basis!
Nick R.29/08/2016
     After my cleaner has finished working her magic my home literally shines from corner to corner, I absolutely love the way it looks and I can't thank Tooting Carpet Cleaning Services enough for all their help. They consistently give me a fantastic service, there is always someone knowledgeable to talk to when I call, and I feel like I'm getting great value for money. I would never use any other cleaning company and I recommend them to all of my friends and family.
Sonia Jacobs 10/02/2016
     Going for walks in the country is my wife's and my favourite pastime. Our carpets, however, suffer for this, as they get caked in mud. We wanted them cleaned and knew Tooting Carpet Cleanig Company could do it. They were so thorough that there wasn't a trace of dirt or mud anywhere on our carpets when they had finished. We know the carpets will get dirty again, so we have their number saved for later.
Ronald Gibson31/07/2015
     I was very satisfied with the upholstery clean I had on my office furniture. As I had a lot of clients visit the sofas were getting dirty. I hired Tooting Carpet Cleaner and they were wonderful. The cleaners were smart, prompt and competent. They did a super fast clean and the sofas looked bright and clean again. It didn't cost much, and the results were great; thanks so much.
Emily Brown14/07/2015
     I am a single man and I travel a lot. As you would expect house cleaning is not my forte. So I hire regular cleaning services and TootingCarpetCleaners is by far one of the best I've ever worked with. I cannot remember them doing ANYTHING I didn't like or leaving a spot that was not clean!
Chuck 17/03/2015
     There's a lot to be said for having a good home cleaner. TootingCarpetCleaners are cleaners who can regulate and deal with a whole range of domestic duties which is exactly what they do for us. I didn't want to have a cleaning company that just did the donkey work as I can do the hoovering and dusting myself. We wanted a cleaner who would deal with the oven cleaning and bathroom cleaning, and help do things like the washing and ironing. This cleaning agency do all of those things and they are very reasonably priced compared to other cleaning companies.
     I would suggest TootingCarpetCleaners to anyone requiring end of tenancy cleaning, or actually, cleaning of any type. I thought that a few other firms were good deals until I realised that a lot of things weren't included. With this company they are very straight forward and you know where you stand with them. I have used them on four different properties and I must say, they are the best cleaning company I have worked with. They are not only impeccable with their punctuality but also use good quality products instead of just the cheapest.
     I have a lovely patterned vinyl floor installed in the home and I read somewhere that while regular vacuuming and sweeping are great, it is important to have floors cleaned professionally every now and then. I was worried about the expenses and hiring a dependable cleaning service but TootingCarpetCleaners seemed to be a popular choice amongst most people I spoke to. I contracted them last week and my house has never looked better. I am planning to use their cleaning contractors on a regular basis from now on.
Jim R.19/09/2014
     Our branch of schools across the area is fortunate enough to have very talented cleaners as well as staff and pupils. Or cleaners do not shy away from any job, be it big or small, ad are not afraid to tackle the daily mess that accumulates in a learning environment. All of our staff are CRB checked as well, which was one of the most important things to consider when hiring from TootingCarpetCleaners. We love the cleaners we have, and love the job they do.
Susan B.04/09/2014
     It takes a lot for me to throw praise around, but TootingCarpetCleaners really did impress me. I dedicate a lot of time to my work, so I needed a little bit of help around the home. I hired this company on the recommendation of my mother, who told me that they clean to a very high standard, whilst using materials that are environmentally friendly. Both of these statements turned out to be true, and I have had nothing but positive experiences so far. My house looks great, and it was all done with eco-friendly cleaning agents. Thank you for a job well done!
Julia Floyd21/08/2014
     I was getting married and moving into a new home, but as time was limited my new house needed a spring clean. I chose to have the place cleaned professionally by a company that my mum had used on many occasions. TootingCarpetCleaners were brilliant and did a grand job. I had every part of the house cleaned from the lights, door knobs to inside kitchen cupboards. It took a while but the results were wonderful. I was so pleased with the service and the cost. I would certainly pass on the name of this fab company to anybody needing a cleaning company.
K. Cotes24/07/2014
     I've been very impressed with the window cleaners I hired from TootingCarpetCleaners. I've only just moved into the area and didn't know where to start when it came to hiring window cleaners. A neighbour told me about this company and she spoke very strongly of their good work ethic, experienced staff and friendly manner. When I tried the service for myself I was pleased to find that all of these things really shone through, and the quality of service was infallible. My windows are beautifully clean and I couldn't be happier with this company. This is definitely the best window cleaning company for me!
Benjamin Willow08/07/2014
     We were finding it really hard to find the right time to get the house cleaned to the standards that we wanted. With so much to do at work and with family and all that, it was really hard to find the right amount of time to just get the house cleaned like we wanted. It got pretty bad until we gave TootingCarpetCleaners a call. Since they've started coming to our house, there's been a big difference. Not only is the house cleaner, but we've been able to dedicate the time to everything else we want to do. Cheers.
Adam White04/06/2014
     I can definitely recommend this company, I know they have a fine reputation but when people work so hard for their business, I think it is only fair that their customers recognise it and help them on their way. The cleaning service that I receive, which consists of 2 cleaners coming to my house every 2 weeks, is second to none, the staff are absolutely lovely whilst the cleaning work shows attention to detail and respect for all of my possessions. Could not praise them highly enough, well done to TootingCarpetCleaners for creating such a slick, personal and professional service in our area.
Norman Johnson08/04/2014
     We've always had such a hard time finding the right cleaners. There's always been something which hasn't measured up, whether it was the price or the standard of cleaning. But in TootingCarpetCleaners, we've found the perfect blend of the two. Every time we meet a new member of staff, we're amazed that they tow the party line so well, that the focus on cleaning standards is so high within the company. And every time we have to pay, I am amazed even further by the low prices. If you're searching for the right company, give them a try.
Arthur Peterson19/03/2014
     Cleaning just isn't my thing. I'm terrible at it, and it's something that really gets me down. I've always used a cleaning service, and felt it right to let people know that having used them for a fair while, TootingCarpetCleaners are pretty amazing! You'll know the difference when you use them; it's about the details. They get the job done well, with a smile on their faces and you know that you are getting great value for money!
Keith Floyd05/03/2014
     A reliable home cleaning company is hard to come by. The staff at TootingCarpetCleaners continue to provide me with a reliable and thorough home cleaning service on a routine basis. I couldn't recommend a better service. I am continually impressed with their consistently good service. They are affordable and diligent. I trust the staff at TootingCarpetCleaners to work in the house when I'm not there. They know exactly what cleaning agents to use and always provide a thorough clean. I recommend them to provide great and consistent home cleaning services on a routine basis. Thanks for the hard work!
Pablo Robinson18/02/2014
     Just give them a call, honestly. Having a TootingCarpetCleaners cleaner will change your life. I am talking from first-hand experience here, as they have been cleaning my home on a weekly basis for about three months now, and it has had such a positive impact on my lifestyle. While I used to come home on Friday evening worrying when I was going to squeeze in a dust and a hoover, I now come home to a sparkling home without having to lift a finger. It saves me so much time that the expense is entirely justifiable. I would recommend to anyone.
S. Liberage30/01/2014
     There can't be anyone else out there who hates cleaning as much as I do, and I felt like I was wasting my time with it all! No matter how often or how hard I cleaned my home just never looked how I wanted it to, and so I called TootingCarpetCleaners to see what they could do. I was pleasantly surprised with the service, which was really speedy and affordable as well. My cleaner managed to lift dirt and stains that I thought would be there forever, and I couldn't be happier! This is a great cleaning company and I'm now a regular customer!

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